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Note: This application requires an activated account on http://pokeheroes.comThis is an extension that offers more interactive features for members of PokéHeroes.This application is NOT recommended for Tablet Users.// DESCRIPTION: //Transfer your Adoptable to your Smartphone and take a walk with it! This application counts your real steps and converts them to Experience and Watts.You may use these Watts to play different minigames, such as the "Item Radar" and the "Tall Grass".And after an exhausting walk you may transfer your Adoptable with all its found treasure back to your PokeHeroes account.
// FEATURES: //-> Train your Adoptable by making real steps-> Collect (rare) items and transfer them to your PokeHeroes Account-> Catch even more monsters in the Tall Grass and send them to your Storage Boxes on PokeHeroes